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Acclaimed Comic Reader App Comic Zeal Undergoes Extreme Makeover For iOS 7

Acclaimed Comic Reader App Comic Zeal Undergoes Extreme Makeover For iOS 7

September 25, 2013
Comic Zeal as we know it is no more. That's because the popular (and probably the best) universal iOS comic reader app has just been redesigned and ushered into the new era of iOS 7. "The new iOS from Apple throws away the concept of making user interface elements look like real-world items," says Bitolithic, the developer of the formerly skeuomorphic app. "It's not just an update to the look, it's also an update to the philosophy." But even as Comic Zeal has just undergone an extreme makeover for iOS 7, you can rest assured that the app's trusty slider is kept intact. A pointer, a container, and a toolbox all rolled into one, the slider remains the best way to organize collections in Comic Zeal. Beyond the slider, though, everything has been revamped in Comic Zeal. That means bidding farewell to the app's wooden background and to the app's various extraneous interface elements. In the new version of Comic Zeal, thumbnails have been made more prominent and the bottom tab menu has been simplified and at the same time improved with the inclusion of tagging on iPhone as well as iPad. Bitolithic also points out "one interesting feature" in the new version of Comic Zeal:
One interesting feature that we've implemented is that when you import comics, Comic Zeal looks at the comic title and tries to find the name of one of your series in there. If it finds one, then it puts the comic straight into that series. It's amazingly effective. You make up a series with the right name before importing a whole bunch of comics, then import, and all the comics go into the right place. Of course, you can always change the series name before importing a new batch too. In case the comic's naming convention changes.
The new version of Comic Zeal is available now in the App Store as a free update or as a new $4.99 update. Although it's been redesigned for iOS 7, Comic Zeal has a minimum system requirement of iOS 6.1. Actually, Bitolithic made sure to support both iOS 6 and iOS 7 with the new version of Comic Zeal in order to allow users to keep their data in the app. Comic Zeal is included in AppAdvice's Best Comic File Readers AppGuide, Best iPad Comic Books Apps AppGuide, and Apps For Comic Geeks AppList. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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