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Ahead Of iPhone 5C, Apple Reduces iDevice Margins In India

Ahead Of iPhone 5C, Apple Reduces iDevice Margins In India

September 10, 2013
In a bid to increase its share of the smartphone market in India, Bloomberg reports that Apple has reduced its iPhone margins in order to combat the rupee's recent plunge in value. As such, while rival Samsung has raised its smartphone and tablet prices for 2013 in response to India's economy, Apple has maintained the price of both its iPhone and iPad in the country. Bloomberg explains:
Apple has refrained from following Samsung Electronics Co in raising prices. Apple is selling the iPhone and iPad to distributors such as Redington India Ltd at the same price as in 2012 even after the currency’s decline this year, Rajesh Khetarpal, head of Redington’s strategic business unit, said in an interview.
It's common knowledge that Apple is particularly interested in securing market share in developing nations such as China and India, since the potential for profit is huge. China, for example, is the world's largest smartphone market, while India is expected to be the second-largest market in 2017. In India, particularly, Apple has launched a series of initiatives in an attempt to encourage adoption of the iPhone, however despite the company's best efforts sales of the smartphone have fallen in the country. It's thought that Apple's anticipated iPhone 5C could help in this respect, though of course, only time will tell. In the meantime, Apple is doing all it can to encourage its share of the Indian smartphone market to grow. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. See also: ChordPolyPad Offers iDevice Owners An Impressive Chords Player For MIDI InstrumentsHewlett Packard Updates Snapfish With New Design, Timeline View And More, and Talk Feature Comes To iHeartRadio For iOS Along With iOS 7-Style UI Redesign.

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