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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Set To Reach iDevices This Winter

Though most of us have been wondering whether Final Fantasy Agito is ever going to reach the App Store, it has instead been confirmed that a remake of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is set to hit our iDevices later this year. The news comes from Polygon, who explains that the title, which launched for mobile devices in Japan back in 2008, will be a 3-D remake of the original sequel to Final Fantasy IV. As such, the 3-D redesign Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is expected to receive should mean the finished product will look similar to Square Enix's other titles in the series, Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV. [caption id="attachment_465385" align="aligncenter" width="640"] How Final Fantasy IV: The After Years might look.[/caption] Polygon explains:
This is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy 4. The After Years was first available in Japan before releasing to the West when it was ported for WiiWare. The game was also later remastered for Final Fantasy 4: The Complete Collection. Much like the WiiWare port, the upcoming mobile remake will follow the precedents set by the Nintendo DS remake of Final Fantasy 4, released in North America in 2008.
Though the app is set to be released "this winter," no further information concerning a release date has been announced. However, once available, we'd expect the new title to follow its predecessors and to receive a price tag of around $15.99. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Relive Your Memories Digitally Through MemoirThe Road Is Always Open For The Kids In Toca Cars, and Instapaper 5 Gets A Modern Look, Sorting Filters And More.
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