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Mana Aegis To Offer iDevice Users Old-School RPG Side-Scrolling Action

Mana Aegis To Offer iDevice Users Old-School RPG Side-Scrolling Action

September 14, 2013
Looking for a role-playing game (RPG) experience similar to The Legend of Zelda for your iDevice? Nintendo has no plans to bring any of its titles to the App Store, and the highly anticipated Oceanhorn is still on schedule for its ambiguous "fall" release. However, one forthcoming application aims to bring an old-school RPG to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and based on information provided by the developer, the app - called Mana Aegis - looks promising. Featuring classically "retro" pixelated graphics and powered by the not-so-retro Unity gaming engine, Mana Aegis allows iDevice users to side-scroll through a series of fantastic environments. In the app, two buttons are reserved for "action gear," such as shields, swords, and staffs, and there are plenty of wonderful RPG elements which complement the game perfectly. The application's developer explains:
There will be plenty of enemy types, drops of gear and consumables, shops, stats, as well as skills for each class without the use of extra buttons! You will not choose a class at the start, each stat point you chose upon level up defines your class allowing you to activate specific class skills later in the game. And did I mention plenty of enemy types?
Though little else is known about Mana Aegis, we're excited. Besides iOS and Android, the game is confirmed to be heading to Microsoft Windows, Linux, and OS X, meaning users will have the option of taking on the RPG's antagonists using a desktop computer, too. However, Mana Aegis is also said to be in its "early development" stage, and as such iDevice users may have a while to wait before the game makes an appearance in the App Store. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Help Tangled King Tut Escape His Tomb In This Upcoming iOS GameHatchi Goes Social In Latest Update: Personalized Facebook Notifications Added, and Be The Architect And Master Of Your Own Dungeon In Kickstarter-Supported DAM.

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