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Don't Like The Blur Effect In iOS 7? Remove It Using This Simple Trick

Don't Like The Blur Effect In iOS 7? Remove It Using This Simple Trick

October 27, 2013
Most of us love the blur effect used in Control Center and Notification Center in iOS 7. But if you're not much of a fan, one simple trick allows iDevice users to disable the effect using the built-in Settings app. News of this jailbreak-free iOS tweak reached us from iDownloadBlog, which explains: "The main reason why you’d want to disable the blur effects in iOS 7 is to improve contrast on some backgrounds in order to improve legibility. If you have vision problems, removing blur effects might indeed help you see what’s on your screen better." The website continues:
Of course, you might also not be too fond of the blur effects to begin with, and this is a good reason to get rid of them. For the record, I find those blur effects to be essential to the iOS 7 experience so I didn’t disable them on my own device.
Personally, the blur effect will remain on my iDevices, too; however, if you're not a fan, here's how you can banish the effect on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. The process is simple: Launch the Settings app, touch the "General" tab, then the "Accessibility" tab, and switch "Increase Contrast" over to "ON." After doing so, you'll find that the blur effect in Control Center and Notification Center no longer remains. Of course, in the same section of the Settings application, users can also find "Reduce Motion." Though enabling this feature disables parallax, conserves battery life, and will help those suffering from iOS 7-induced motion sickness, users should also feel that their iDevice is snappier after enabling Reduce Motion. Are you planning on disabling the blur effect on your iDevice? See also: One Man Left Releases "Redonkulous" Trailer For Much-Awaited Tilt To Live SequelQuirky App Of The Day: Pint-Sized Swords Are Still Sharp In iDaggers, and Today's Best Apps: Atoms Puzzle And Princess Drawsalot And The Dragon.

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