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Facebook Previews Its Revamped Messenger App

A largely revamped Facebook Messenger app will be arriving for iOS users “in the coming weeks.” That’s according to The Verge, who was recently given a first-hand preview of the Android version of the app. And according to the report, the new Messenger distances itself from the Facebook name:
It's not immediately obvious that the latest version of Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android is a Facebook app at all. Its name is Messenger, not Facebook Messenger, and its icons, text, and buttons have been graded a new shade of lighter, more vibrant blue. If not for the chat window's big Like button, you might mistake Messenger for yet another new app to let you send photos and stickers to friends. And that's kind of the point.
While the functionality is basically the same as the current version of the app, the new design is really the selling point. Other improvements should also make sending and receiving messages even faster. Even though users still can’t directly text a phone number from the app, the information will come into play with the revamped Messenger:
Upon opening Messenger for the first time, it will ask you to provide your phone number. Then, the app can match you with people whose numbers you have, but whom you aren't Facebook friends with. Facebook guarantees your messages will reach somebody's inbox if you have their phone number.
The app’s new look and direction definitely sound interesting. We’ll let you know when the updated version arrives in the App Store. The current version, designed for the iPhone, can be downloaded now in the App Store for free. For other app news today, see: Right Is Left, Left Is Right: Disc Drivin' Gets Mirrored Tracks In Latest Update, Air Display 2 Updated For The Apple A7, Promises 'Screaming Fast' Performance, and Tiger Style Teases Its New Game Using Curious 'Blackbird Estate' Website.
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