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For Brits, The New 4G LTE PAYG Plans From O2 Get Better Over Time

For Brits, The New 4G LTE PAYG Plans From O2 Get Better Over Time

October 31, 2013
Over the past few months, at long last the monopoly held over Britain's 4G LTE market has been taken from Everything Everywhere (EE), and the country's carriers are challenging one another in glorious competition to offer subscribers the best possible deals. The latest example of this comes from O2, which has announced an impressive PAYG scheme for its customers. Called "Pay & Go Go Go," the plan is simple. For £15, subscribers get 500MB of 4G LTE cellular data access, along with 75 inclusive minutes and 500 texts. After just three months, however, every aspect of the plan doubles - except the price - meaning that your £15 bags 150 minutes, 1,000 texts, and 1GB of cellular data. There are 3G offerings available, too, which are slightly lower in price. But 4G LTE access is what subscribes are likely most interested in. Gizmodo has the low down on how O2's new offerings compare against EE's, and explains that with EE:
A 30 day bundle of data costs £3 for 100MB, £6 for 500MB, £10 for 1GB, £15 for 2GB, £20 for 4GB, and £30 for 10GB. PAYG customers will receive 10GB of free data to use in 90 days, and in 2014, they’ll be awarded 2,014 free minutes. It’s a pretty close call then — stick with O2′s PAYG over time and you’ll reap the benefits, while EE offers more bang-for-the-buck from the get-go.
So far, O2 and EE are the only British carriers offering PAYG 4G LTE plans. But other carriers, including Vodafone and - eventually - 3, have pay monthly deals available. Though of course, in terms of 4G LTE coverage, EE still reigns supreme. You know what they say about the early bird. See also: Preorder ZooGue's iPad Air Cases And Get 30 Percent Off Their Regular PricesEl Papa Is Back With A Brand New Rap: Papa Sangre II Launches For iOS, and It's Hammer Time: Gameloft Unleashes Official Game Of "Thor: The Dark World".

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