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Fright Fight Creeps Onto Kickstarter In Time For Halloween

Fright Fight Creeps Onto Kickstarter In Time For Halloween

October 24, 2013
Fright Fight, a forthcoming iOS game that promises to bring a Super Smash Bros. experience to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, has just launched a brand new Kickstarter campaign in a bid to secure $50,000 of funding from backers all around the world. The game, as you'll recall, will allow players to choose a character, and to fight either one-on-one, in teams, or in a "free for all" environment, in a 3-D world. With four different characters to choose from (a vampire, a werewolf, a yeti, and a reaper), iDevice users as spoilt for choice; at the same time, Fright Fight's impressive graphics and engineering render it a joy to play. After having gone hands-on with Fright Fight using a prerelease build of the game, we're impressed. So far, we've had chance to try out the game's four unnamed characters in one world - Flotsam Islands (pictured below) - but zGames hopes to bring more worlds, and improved character ability, through its Kickstarter campaign. Near-term goals for Fright Fight, then, are said to include:
  1. Create Bot AI, which is essential for the game launch. With this feature implemented, you’ll be able to train your skills whether you’re on a long-haul transatlantic flight or at a boring party with no sign of an Internet connection.
  2. Build a productive and fast game server along with leaderboards to enable greater interactivity and smarter resource utilization, unlike peer-to-peer communication, which can introduce significant lag and packet loss.
However, if enough funding is secured, an additional character, a new world, enhanced visual effects and physics, and even character "pets" could reach Fright Fight. Backing options start at $4, which offers gamers an "exclusive wallpaper." For $13, though, gamers will get 13,000 in-game coins once Fright Fight launches, along with a digital art book and the aforementioned wallpaper. Finally, for $19, you can start the game with all four characters unlocked. Higher backing options offer iDevice users a number of different rewards. From what we understand, Fright Fight is expected to launch in March 2014. For more information, head over to Fright Fight's Kickstarter Web page. Below, we've included a handful of screenshots taken from within the game. See also: PayPal For iOS Updated With User Experience Tweaks And Password Manager SupportIs Tim Cook A "Breaking Bad" Fan? Bryan Cranston Narrates Apple's iPad Air Ad, and Let's Get The Piñata Party Started In Plants Vs. Zombies 2. [gallery columns="2"]

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