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Vine Update Brings The Option To Save Drafts And Edit Videos

Vine has just been updated with the addition of two major new features. First up, version 1.4 of the video sharing app offers "Sessions," which are basically rough drafts. Here’s what the release notes say about the capability:
Save any post and come back to it later by tapping the new icon in the bottom right corner of your camera. You can maintain up to 10 open sessions at any time.
And "Time Travel" finally brings an editing option to the 6-second videos. Users can remove, reorganize, or replace any shot of the video. Tap the green bar while filming or the Edit button during a preview. Made for the iPhone/iPod touch, Vine can be downloaded for free in the App Store now. The last major update to the app came in July. Version 1.3 of Vine brought new camera tools and a number of new channels to submit posts in. Vine has been battling for users, especially since Instagram launched its own video sharing feature. But in August, Vine announced that its user base is more than 40 million, which is definitely an impressive achievement. The Twitter-owned property is much more healthy than the company’s #Music service, which could soon be killed off.
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