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Apple Now Encourages Home Troubleshooting At Genius Bar Web Page

Apple Now Encourages Home Troubleshooting At Genius Bar Web Page

November 24, 2013
Apple has recently made a minor alteration to its Genius Bar reservation Web page. Now, when customers look to reserve a Genius Bar appointment online, Apple presents users with the option of troubleshooting the technical problem using its "Support" website. First noticed by 9to5mac, the new section encourages visitors to "save a trip to the store" through using Apple Support, which offers Mac and iDevice users a phone and online chat service. Apple notes:
Save a trip to the store. Whether you're having trouble with Apple hardware, software, or services — like iTunes, iCloud, and Apple ID — you can get help on the phone or through online chat.
Clicking on the link provided then requires users to select their product (Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Apps & Software, and more), and from here it's possible to solicit technical information from an Apple representative, or using Apple's Support Web pages. For an iTunes-, iCloud-, or Apple ID-related problem, Apple can help customers entirely free of charge, regardless of their AppleCare subscription status. For other problems, however, a pay-per-incident fee may be charged if customers do not have active AppleCare cover. Not long ago, Apple refreshed its AppleCare website and added 24/7 live chat support. Earlier this month, Apple also added the option for users to initiate a screen sharing session with an AppleCare representative. Of course, the Genius Bar is a useful yet much-used service, and with its most recent change, it appears Apple is attempting to encourage customers to only reserve an appointment if absolutely necessary. See also: The AppAdvice Week In Review: iPad mini 2, Black Friday Deals And Lady GagaIn Time For The Holidays, Sift Goes Universal For iPhone And Launches Shopping Circles, and Winery Passport 2.0 Features Map Search, Wish List, Profile Badges And More.

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