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It Looks Like iPhone 5s Adoption Is Continuing To Rocket

It Looks Like iPhone 5s Adoption Is Continuing To Rocket

November 28, 2013
It seems the only way is up for Apple's iPhones. Because despite being an incremental update ("evolutionary" rather than "revolutionary," as is often said), adoption of the iPhone 5s is still significantly higher than that of the iPhone 5 almost 70 days after the seventh-generation smartphone launched. Boy Genius Report draws our attention to data from Fiksu (pictured above), which demonstrates that the iPhone 5s is indeed continuing to be more popular than its predecessors. Of course, one might expect the major redesign of Apple's sixth-generation handset to have attracted more attention from consumers, but it seems instead that adoption of the iPhone 5s is comparably higher. Fiksu's data shows, then, that 69 days after release adoption of the iPhone 5s stands at 8.21 percent. This figure is based off iOS usage, monitored using Fiksu's software development kit (SDK). The iPhone 5, on the other hand, saw a usage rate of 6.94 percent 69 days after its launch, last year. Apple's iPhone 5c, however, is less popular than both smartphones, and has a usage rate of 3.10 percent (adoption has steadily grown for the smartphone since its launch). Of course, this reflects everything we've heard recently concerning iPhone 5s availability and production. You'll remember, of course, that availability of the handset in the United States is said to have risen to 90 percent; at the same time, Foxconn is also claimed to have boosted iPhone 5s production, and is churning out 500,000 handsets every day. As we explained in our original report:
Foxconn has 100 production lines operating around the clock at its plant in Zhengzhou (northern China), all of which are working towards producing iPhone 5s handsets and components for Apple. Incredibly, each individual production line consists of around 600 workers, meaning the Zhengzhou plant has 60,000 employees working on the flagship smartphone.
Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook said not long ago that it's going to be an "iPad Christmas" this year. Given the above information, however, it looks like an "iPhone Christmas" is in the cards, too. Are you planning on picking up a new iPhone handset in time for the holidays? See also: Thai Man Dies After Charging His iPhone 4s Using Counterfeit ChargerJunk Jack X's Massive Thanksgiving Update Is Something To Be Thankful For, and Lawsuit Concerning iOS Location Tracking Thrown Out Of San Jose Court.

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