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Tweetbot 3.1 Brings The Ability To Set A List As The Timeline And More

After being teased earlier this month, popular third-party Twitter client Tweetbot 3 has added a slate of new features with an update to version 3.1. First, the update adds a feature that was popular in the previous edition of the app – Tweetbot 2. By holding down the “Timeline” title to reveal the menu, users can now select a list as their timeline. And a much appreciated addition is the ability to swipe right on a particular tweet to compose a reply. That’s much like in another fabulous Twitter client, Twitterific 5, and something I’ll definitely get a lot of use from. By going to Settings and then Display, the text in the app can also be resized. In the same menu, users can now select the option to set square avatars and hide timeline badges. Finally, users can now email conversations or share via Storify directly from the app. Designed for the iPhone/iPod touch, Tweetbot 3 can be downloaded now in the App Store for $2.99. The completely redesigned Tweetbot 3 hit the App Store in late October. Compatible only with iOS 7, the new app ditched the robot look and feel of previous versions and brought a simplified look to go along with the powerful feature set. In our original review, Christine Chan was very complimentary of the new design. It was also named as our AppAdvice App of the Week soon after its release. Tablet users will still have to make do with the older Tweetbot for iPad, which will set you back $2.99. But developer Tapbots has promised that a revamped version for the larger screens will be arriving soon.
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