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You Can Now Buy The Pebble Smart Watch From Amazon

November 28, 2013
In a surprise move indicative of the product's continuing success, Pebble can now be purchased from Amazon. Over at the online retailer, the e-paper smart watch, which can deliver iOS notifications "at the wrist," carries a price tag of $148.99. It's significant that Pebble can be bought from Amazon, not because the retailer is offering the smart watch at a cheaper price, but rather because the change indicates that Amazon sees the product as being one worth offering. Though it has been said that Pebble has a definite expiration date (one that will coincide with the launch of Apple's long-rumored iWatch), a revamped Pebble software development kit (SDK) and companion iOS app suggests that the product is here to stay. Purchasing from Amazon has its share of benefits, especially if you're a Prime subscriber. Of course, you can also purchase second-hand Pebbles through Amazon, and the smart watch is available from Best Buy, AT&T, and directly from Pebble's website. [caption id="attachment_491288" align="aligncenter" width="642"] Pebble at Best Buy.[/caption] Back in September, we published a lengthy hands-on review of Pebble, and concluded that despite the impending emergence of competing products, "if you take a chance on Pebble now, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed." Plus, since Pebble added full support for iOS 7 notifications, iDevice users have another major reason to pick up the smart watch. If you're interested in purchasing Pebble from Amazon, the product is available for $148.99. See also: He Shoots, He Scores! The Fußball Table Comes To Life In Stickman Soccer For iOSAppAdvice’s Ultimate iOS Accessory Gift Guide For Guys, and Skulls Of Shogun Brings Fun, Fast-Paced Turn-Based Gaming To iOS.

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