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APB Reloaded's Mobile Spinoff To Launch In The App Store This Month

APB Reloaded's Mobile Spinoff To Launch In The App Store This Month

December 6, 2013
Here's another forthcoming iOS release for your diary: APB Reloaded, the popular online desktop game in the “APB: All Points Bulletin” series, is set to spawn a sequel title for mobile devices that will reach the App Store later this month. Called APB Retribution, the app is a direct spinoff from APB Reloaded and has been developed by a developer friend of GamersFirst, Blazing Griffin. The news hit the Web in an informal announcement post published over at GamersFirst's blog, and there the developer explains: “APB Retribution is a single-player top-down tactical combat game launching later this month. It features highly-intuitive touch controls, lethal one-hit kills, and ultra-badass hand-painted visuals for all characters, levels, and scenery.” Interested in hearing more? GamersFirst includes a small amount of information on APB Retribution's backstory, too:
You're dead. Well, you’re supposed to be. Only someone messed up, and now you’re back and looking for blood. Your quest for revenge will see you claw your way up from the city’s seedy underbelly to scatter corpses all over never-before-seen San Paro locales such as the municipal dump, derelict apartments, subway tunnels, and airport. You’ll have a ton of ranged and melee weapons to quickly brutalize enemies, but you’ll want to stick to the shadows, avoid making too much noise, and plan your shots carefully lest you find yourself on the wrong end of a 5-person beatdown. Fans of the outstanding Hotline Miami will feel right at home.
The game has its own official website, and a trailer for the app has also been released (it's embedded below). As mentioned, APB Retribution should reach the App Store at some point this month; iTunes Connect is shutting down between Dec. 21-27, and so it could be we see the app launch either next Thursday or the Thursday after. Of course, we'll let you know once APB Retribution is available to download.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

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