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Book-Lovers Can Now Catalog Their Favorite Reads On An iPad Using iReadItNow HD

Book-Lovers Can Now Catalog Their Favorite Reads On An iPad Using iReadItNow HD

December 16, 2013

The popular iReadItNow app for iPhone, which allows book-lovers to keep a detailed catalog of their literary conquests, has made the leap to Apple's iPad in a brand new application called iReadItNow HD. Much like its iPhone counterpart, this new app makes it possible to create lists of books users own, are reading, or want to read, and it can syncronize data between iDevices, too.

If, like me, you've got a bursting bookcase with piles of books in almost every corner of every room, iReadItNow HD can of course help you take control of your collection through its catalog system. But what makes the application particularly impressive, however, are the additional features which provide users with a more personal experience. As the app's release notes explain:

iReadItNow is not just an book-archive app. iReadItNow focuses on recording your reading life in rich context. When you read it, how you read it, every proses that touched your heart, and so on, you can keep all these records in a simple and organized way.

In next week's edition of his Shelf Control column, my colleague Aldrin Calimlim is going to be taking a closer look at how iReadItNow HD can help book-lovers keep a detailed record of their life as a bookworm, so be sure to check back with us then for more information on the app.

For now, however, rest assured that iReadItNow HD is full to the brim with impressive features. These include:

  • Archive books you read, not read, or want to read
  • Add new books with easy to use barcode scanner
  • Create your own custom book collections
  • Check in/out the date when you read a book
  • Attach excerpts, notes, review, even snapshots on each book
  • Enjoy beautiful graphs and timeline that shows your reading life
  • Automatically share with friends what you read over Twitter, Facebook
  • Synchronize data over multiple devices
  • Manage separate accounts for your family, friends in a single app

Interested? If so, iReadItNow HD can be downloaded in the App Store for $2.99 and is optimized for the iPad only. You can also pick up an iPhone and iPod touch app, iReadItNow, free of charge.

Check out the new app now, and remember to tune in next week for our hands-on appraisal of the application.

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