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Get Creative: Make Your Own iPhone Picture Cases Using Case Maker Pro

Get Creative: Make Your Own iPhone Picture Cases Using Case Maker Pro

December 1, 2013
There are plenty of iPhone cases out there, but one new product allows iDevice users to create and make their own cases at home, cropping a picture or magazine cutting and turning it into a protective iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 case. Called Case Maker Pro, the product is available to preorder as part of an Indiegogo campaign from $49.00. Preorder, that is, rather than "back," because regardless of whether Case Maker Pro secures its funding goal of $80,000, customers are promised their product (which is scheduled to ship in March 2014). But what do you get? Case Maker Pro comes in three parts: a colored case, a gloss laminator film, and a "case maker" that uses these items, plus a photo or magazine cutting, to create an iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 case. For $49.00, customers get all three in black gloss; $59.00 serves as a preorder for the product in silver, and more colors are available for higher amounts. The folks behind Case Maker Pro explain:
You heard right. This mighty machine can crop any of your photos and magazines and transform it into your personally decorated iPhone 5 Case. Yes, even *those* photos. That crazy one, where your nephew smashed grandma’s face with her own holiday rainbow cupcake. Relive that moment by turning it into your personalized iPhone case OR better yet, use your own AMAZING vacation photos. The look of your phone is unlimited, inspired by your own creativity.
For those looking to create highly personalized, individual iPhone 5s or iPhone 5 cases, Case Maker Pro looks to be the perfect option. Plus, because users can create an infinite number of different cases using Case Maker Pro and a handful of pictures or magazine cuttings, the product carries a promising eco-message, too: "The Case Maker can save Mother Earth's natural resources. Seriously, realize the eco-power in your hand. You will never need to buy another case again," the product's Web page explains. As mentioned, Case Maker Pro can be preordered from $49.00. For more information, including the option of placing an order, head over to the product's Indiegogo Web page. See also: In Japan, Apple's New iPhones Take 9 Out Of Top 10 Smartphone Sales RankingsApple Supports World AIDS Day By Going (RED) In-Store And Online On Dec. 1, and Connect Colorful Dots In A Winter Wonderland With Dots' New Holiday Theme.

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