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This Quick Trick Can Fix Cydia Substrate Problems For 64-Bit iDevices

This Quick Trick Can Fix Cydia Substrate Problems For 64-Bit iDevices

December 31, 2013
Today, jailbreakers got a belated Christmas gift from Jay Freeman (@saurik) as Cydia’s MobileSubstrate (now “Cydia Substrate”) received its much anticipated update for 64-bit Apple A7-powered iDevices. But a growing number of users have found that tweaks known to be compatible with A7-powered iDevices and iOS 7 aren’t working. Fortunately, there’s a fix. First, be sure that your chosen jailbreak tweak is actually optimized for iOS 7 and Apple’s 64-bit A7 processor, because not all are. In fact, Freeman himself noted earlier that jailbreak tweaks will need to be recompiled for 64-bit iDevices following the update to Cydia Substrate, and as such many of your favorite tweaks may not yet be compatible with either iOS 7 or Apple’s A7. For your reference, here’s a number of popular jailbreak tweaks which are optimized for iOS 7, and four popular packages have already been recompiled for Apple’s A7 processor. You can test Cydia Substrate using one of those jailbreak tweaks, since we’ve been able to confirm their compatibility with our jailbroken iOS 7- and A7-powered iDevices. If you’re still having no luck, however, iDownloadBlog has some useful advice. First, uninstall Cydia Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode from within the Cydia app; most jailbreak tweaks and apps will be removed from your iDevice, we should note, but you can go back and reinstall them once Cydia Substrate has been fixed. From here, go back into the Cydia app and reinstall Cydia Substrate (Substrate Safe Mode will be added back in, too). After uninstalling and reinstalling Cydia Substrate thus, download and install a jailbreak tweak known to be compatible with iOS 7 and Apple’s A7 processor, and hopefully the process should go smoothly. We’d recommend you download Zeppelin, which is available free of charge and is fully optimized in both respects. This process should see Cydia Substrate fixed. Just make sure the jailbreak tweaks you’re installing on your A7-powered iDevice are compatible first. We’ll let you know once more popular packages receive their necessary updates, so check back with us.

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