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This Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Can Bring Touch ID Protection To Individual iOS Apps

This Upcoming Jailbreak Tweak Can Bring Touch ID Protection To Individual iOS Apps

December 28, 2013

There’s now a jailbreak solution for iOS 7 and our Apple A7-powered iDevices available for all, and as such a number of more specific jailbreak tweaks are in development. One such jailbreak tweak by developer Elias Limneos looks particularly interesting, and promises to bring Touch ID protection to individual iOS applications.

Limneos is the jailbreak developer behind a number of packages, including SBRotator and CallBar, both of which have been discussed previously here at AppAdvice. His forthcoming unnamed jailbreak tweak, however, adds a feature most of us are hoping Apple will implement in a future iteration of its iOS.

The jailbreak tweak is demonstrated in the below YouTube video. As you can see, Limneos is able to apply a Touch ID lock to individual iOS applications - in his example, Touch ID protects the Settings app - and the iPhone 5s will demand its user’s fingerprint (using a pop-up notification) before opening the application in question. It’s an interesting and clever jailbreak tweak, and one we’re looking forward to seeing appear in the Cydia Store.

Here’s the video, see what you think:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

Apple has a long, long history of borrowing heavily from the jailbreak scene, and as such it wouldn’t be surprising to see this kind of functionality appear in a future update to its iOS. Though as of iOS 7.1, which is available in beta form to registered iOS developers (and is expected to reach the general public next month), Touch ID protection for individual apps hasn’t made an appearance.

It’s exciting to see jailbreak development appear in a new area. What other Touch ID-related jailbreak tweaks would you like to install on your iPhone 5s?

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