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Cydia Tweak: Icon Masks Can Radically Alter The Appearance Of iOS 7 App Icons

Cydia Tweak: Icon Masks Can Radically Alter The Appearance Of iOS 7 App Icons

January 28, 2014

One brand new jailbreak theme can provide iOS 7-powered iDevice users with a fresh, radically different new look for their iOS Home screen. Called Icon Masks, the theme is available to download free of charge, and requires Jay Freeman’s (@saurik) iOS 7-optimized WinterBoard app, which is also free to download and install.

Once you’ve got both Icon Masks and WinterBoard configured, you’ll be able to select “masks” for your iOS app icons from within the WinterBoard application. As you’d expect, enabling masks requires a quick respring, and given the huge number of icon masks available in the jailbreak theme this is likely something you’ll be doing a lot of.

You can have Icon Masks add rocket, cloud, or even iPhone shapes to your iOS app icons (as pictured above), but it’s not all good news.

After trying a handful of different masks, this jailbreak theme really isn’t for me. The design just doesn’t seem right, and though Icon Masks perhaps looks better working in conjunction with another jailbreak theme (rather than with Apple’s default iOS app icons), my preference for the out-of-the-box look of Apple’s iOS means this isn’t a package I’ll be holding on to for long.

Plus, this problem might be limited to my iPhone, but I also found that switching between masks doesn’t always work. In fact, after trying a couple of icon masks in WinterBoard, I discovered that I was unable to disable the iPhone icon mask, no matter how hard I tried. The only way of getting around this problem was to uninstall the package entirely.

Perhaps you’re more fond of jailbreak themes than me, and if so, Icon Masks could be worth checking out. It can be downloaded free of charge in the Cydia Store, and it’s optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-iDevices.

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