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Sony To Launch SPA-TA1 Clip-On Camera Adapter For Tablets: iPadography Is Alive

Sony To Launch SPA-TA1 Clip-On Camera Adapter For Tablets: iPadography Is Alive

January 29, 2014

The practice of “iPadography” - that is, iPad-powered photography - is a complex one. For the most part, folks think it shouldn't be done, yet there's nevertheless a growing number of iPad users who rely on their tablet as a big screen digital camera, despite the less impressive camera modules included even on Apple's most recent iPad Air and iPad mini. Now, none other than Sony is set to wade into this debate with a brand new product, SPA-TA1: a clip-on camera lens adapter for tablets.

Rather than offering a dedicated clip-on camera, the upcoming product instead attaches to the back of a tablet (with a maximum width of 7.5-inches), and allows users to secure either the QX10 or QX100 using the adapter. Both QX products are standalone cameras which connect to compatible devices wirelessly, and each one can be controlled either with the PlayMemories app or using a growing number of third-party alternatives.

Our article back in September 2013 explained:

An 18.2 megapixel sensor and a 10x optical zoom lens anchor the lower-end QX10. It also features image stabilization to combat camera shake and a number of image capture modes, including auto, intelligent auto, and superior auto.

The QX100 sports a 1-inch 20.2 megapixel sensor and a 3.6x optical zoom. The dedicated control ring allows users to adjust manual focus and zoom. It also recognizes 33 different shooting conditions and automatically adjusts the camera’s settings for the best possible image quality.

Over at the Sony Xperia blog, the price for Sony's SPA-TA1 is said to be around $40, though you'll need to pay for the cost of either the QX10 (which is $248) or the QX100 (which is $498) in order to partake in a degree of iPadography using the new product. This beefs up the price of the whole setup to around $290 or $540, depending on which QX model you go for. Of course, the good news is that your QX camera will be compatible with both your iPhone and iPad, provided you've got the necessary SPA-TA1 adapter, that is.

Herein lies the problem, however. SPA-TA1 should be available in Japan - as well as several other unconfirmed countries - from April 4, yet there's no word concerning a western launch. Those looking for a similar (but less complex) alternative could try out Olloclip's own clip-on lens for iPad, which should be available in the coming months for around $70. Though by then, there's a chance Sony's SPA-TA1 will have made it to the United States and Europe.

Do either products make iPadography more acceptable?

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