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The PowerPot X Series Takes To Kickstarter Offering 10 Watts Of Thermoelectric Energy

Kickstarter backers are once again fired up for the latest creation from Power Practical. With nine days left to go in the funding campaign, the company has more than doubled its goal for its latest thermoelectric generators in the PowerPot X Series. If you haven’t heard about the PowerPot, it is really a great piece of technology. The original device, the PowerPot V, was named as one of our favorite accessories during the holiday season. While camping or backpacking, the thermoelectric generator boils water while at the same time converting the energy from the heat source into DC electrical power. So while you’re out boiling water for a freeze-dried meal or morning coffee, you simply attach any device into the pot’s built-in USB port for charging. As the name suggests, the original pot only offered 5 watts of power, which is good enough to charge a single iPhone. But the new creation should definitely make iPad owners happy. With 10 watts of power, users can charge a tablet or even two iPhones at once. Practical Power is offering two different sizes of pot. The PowerPot X hold 2.3 liters of water while the XL has a capacity of 3.8 liters. Here’s a quick video about the project. Click here if you can’t see it. For a pledge of $189, you can snag a PowerPotX, while a PowerPot XL costs $10 more. All rewards are estimated to ship in May, just in time for the summer outdoor season. For other recent accessory news, see: Belkin Adds Lights, Maker Kit And Crock-Pot To Its Line Of WeMo Devices, This Week In Accessories: Boa Nerve Messenger Bag, Stripped iPhone Case And More, and Square Partners With Griffin For Square Reader-Integrated Merchant Case For iPhone.
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