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Cydia Tweak: Check On Your iDevice's Free RAM And More Using StatusModifier

Cydia Tweak: Check On Your iDevice's Free RAM And More Using StatusModifier

February 3, 2014

StatusModifier is a really useful Cydia Store “hidden gem” that can provide iDevice users with detailed information right from – you guessed it – the iOS status bar. Most significant, at least in my opinion, is that StatusModifier can be configured to display your iDevice’s free RAM, which is something that iOS power users will find particularly useful.

You can pick up StatusModifier in the Cydia Store free of charge, but don’t let the package’s price fool you: this jailbreak tweak can do a lot, and it’s something I’d be more than happy paying $0.99 or $1.99 for. Once installed, users can configure StatusModifier from within a new preferences pane that’s added to the built-in Settings app – here, you can enable or disable the jailbreak tweak, but more importantly, you can choose what shows in your iOS status bar.

Options range from the date (in whatever format you like) to the time in hours, minutes, and seconds; you can hide or show the carrier logo, signal strength, cellular data connection, geo-activity, the mute icon, and the Lock rotation icon from your status bar, too.

Finally, users can also choose to have their iDevice’s free RAM display in the iOS status bar. This will change in real time, and it provides users with a great insight into the inner workings of their iPhone – if they feel they need it.

Everything made available by StatusModifier can be enabled or disabled using simple toggle buttons in the Settings app, and as such the jailbreak tweak is incredibly easy to set up and configure. If you want to change exactly what your iOS status bar does – or doesn’t – display, then we’d definitely recommend StatusModifier.

As mentioned, StatusModifier can be downloaded free of charge in the Cydia Store, and it’s optimized for both iOS 7 and ARM64-iDevices.

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