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Forget Dungeon Keeper For iOS And Grab The Original Free Of Charge

Forget Dungeon Keeper For iOS And Grab The Original Free Of Charge

February 15, 2014

Electronic Arts’ remake of Dungeon Keeper for iOS, which first reached the App Store last month, has disappointed both fans of the series and critics alike. To make up for this, though, gamers can bypass the iOS app and pick up the original Dungeon Keeper free of charge this weekend, with the sequel game – Dungeon Keeper 2 – also available at a huge 75 percent discount.

The deals come from GOG, and are made in partnership with EA; for this weekend only, gamers can download Dungeon Keeper free of charge and Dungeon Keeper 2 for just $1.49 (which, as mentioned, is 75 percent off its usual price). The offer should be valid until Sunday, Feb. 16, at which point it’ll terminate at 11 a.m. GMT – so act fast!

Comically, as TouchArcade notes, the $1.49 price tag for Dungeon Keeper 2 is a mere 50 cents more expensive than the cheapest in-app purchase available in the free-to-play Dungeon Keeper for iOS. It’s this aspect of the game, in particular, that has caused iOS device users to complain about the application and Peter Molyneux – the designer of the original game – to call the iOS remake “ridiculous.”

Dungeon Keeper for iOS did receive an update earlier this month, and as we explained at the time:

Most notably, the update brings “the power of friendship” to the modern mobile remake of the popular 1997 dungeon-building strategy game of the same name. How? By letting you invite your friends to play Dungeon Keeper or to join your guild through Facebook and Game Center.

However, this doesn’t detract from the “in-app purchase hell” Dungeon Keeper’s iOS port constitutes.

For a more authentic Dungeon Keeper experience, head over to GOG and take advantage of the discounts available. If you’re feeling brave, Dungeon Keeper for iOS can be downloaded in the App Store free of charge.

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