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Philips Planning Its Own iBeacon-Like Connected Lighting For Geo-Mapping Stores

Philips Planning Its Own iBeacon-Like Connected Lighting For Geo-Mapping Stores

February 18, 2014

Philips, maker of the popular iPhone-connected Hue lightbulbs, is planning on challenging Apple’s use of iBeacon technology through launching a “connected retail lighting system” for grocery stores and other retail venues.

The system would allow shoppers to use a dedicated smartphone application in order to seek out ingredients, according to Philips. Much like iBeacons, which launched in Apple Retail Stores across the United States recently, the technology works with a connected app to deliver precise, indoor location-based information to an iPhone handset.

Specifically, Philips explains that its connected lights could direct shoppers over to particular ingredients, and then deliver discounts, recipes, and serving suggestions to a smartphone when the ingredient in question has been reached. Data is delivered using Philips’ light fixtures, which feature a built-in beacon that can communicate with the aforementioned app.

Take a look:

Philips is reportedly trialling the service at a German retailer, and if successful the trial could see the technology roll out in Europe and the United States. We’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

Besides Apple, Major League Baseball has mapped select stadiums using iBeacons, and this should provide “a unique ballpark guide and map,” along with the option of having the At the Ballpark app auto-display users’ tickets as they enter the turnstile, our original report explained.

Apple, on the other hand, is using the technology to deliver product information to iOS devices as users approach products in Apple Retail Stores. The system requires iOS 7 and the Apple Store iOS app.

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