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Apple Has Just Launched Its New 8GB iPhone 5c

Apple Has Just Launched Its New 8GB iPhone 5c

March 18, 2014

Apple has just launched a new 8GB variant of its iPhone 5c handset in the United Kingdom, offering customers more affordable price plans for the less expensive iPhone model.

So far, it seems the 8GB iPhone 5c is available with carrier O2 only as of this writing (update: see below), with rival carriers in Britain instead offering the 16GB and 32GB models of the handset. For O2 customers, the new 8GB handset is offered with several varying plans, which include:

  • iPhone 5c – 8GB
  • £49.99 upfront cost
  • £28 per month
  • 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 500 MB data

The total cost is £721.99, which is the lowest total cost associated with an iPhone 5c handset sold by the carrier. You can also pay £409.00 for the handset with monthly payments of £13, though this offers the same minutes, texts, and data, and costs subscribers the same total fee in the long run. For a free handset, however, 8GB iPhone 5c customers must pay £43 per month, but the minutes and data offered are more impressive in both cases:

  • iPhone 5c – 8 GB
  • No upfront cost
  • £43 per month
  • Unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 8GB data

To put this in perspective, 16GB iPhone 5c handsets with the carrier start at £38 per month (with no upfront cost) for unlimited data, unlimited messaging, and 2GB of limited data. In each case, access to O2’s 4G LTE network is included.

Yesterday, a report predicted that Apple would start selling the 8GB iPhone 5c in a number of territories following the release of a leaked document. Though it had seemed the 8GB iPhone 5c would launch in Germany with O2, a quick check of the carrier’s German online store indicates that this hasn’t happened yet.

In the British Apple Online Store, space for a third iPhone 5c handset appears to have been made, but as of this writing it's not available to purchase (update: see below). The change hasn't been reflected in the U.S. Apple Online Store. It's hoped that the change could improve iPhone 5c sales, which have so far been unimpressive around the world. Apple has also been running colorful ads at Tumblr, Yahoo, and The New York Times in a bid to foster interest in the lower priced model.

We’ll update this article as the 8GB iPhone 5c appears in more countries.

Update. The 8GB iPhone 5c has now launched in the British Apple Online Store, and it can be purchased there for £429. It's available in Germany, too, for €549.00. It looks like this is going to be an international affair only for now; the 8GB iPhone 5c hasn't appeared in the U.S. Apple Online Store.

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