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Apple Partner Pegatron To Begin iPhone 6 Mass Production In Q2

Apple Partner Pegatron To Begin iPhone 6 Mass Production In Q2

March 18, 2014

Pegatron, Apple's manufacturing partner, is said to be planning on kicking off mass production of the iPhone 6 in the second quarter of this year. Production will take place at its new Kunshan, China plant, according to a report from the Commercial Times.

The news reached us from Reuters, which explains that the information comes from “sources” which have not been identified. Reuters added that Pegatron has opened a new factory space and is recruiting additional staff in China “to meet orders to manufacture the new iPhone 6.”

As a reminder, we heard in January that Pegatron was set to manufacture up to half of Apple's iPhone 6 handsets, and that the new Kunshan plant had been built to take orders for the next two to three years, at least.

The new report from the Commercial Times “did not specify the number of units that would be manufactured at the facility in Kunshan, on the outskirts of Shanghai, or how many workers would be recruited,” according to Reuters.

Foxconn is set to take on the other half of Apple's iPhone 6 orders, and the handset is expected to launch worldwide in fall.

Recent reports have indicated that the new smartphone will be bigger than its predecessors (in more ways than one), and have added that it should feature a sapphire display and built-in medical sensors.

On the software side, an Apple-made “Healthbook” app should integrate with both the aforementioned sensors and an anticipated “iWatch” to provide health and fitness information for users.

We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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