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New Report Claims Pegatron Could Manufacture Half Of Apple's iPhone 6 Handsets

New Report Claims Pegatron Could Manufacture Half Of Apple's iPhone 6 Handsets

January 10, 2014

In another new report, we’re hearing that Apple is indeed planning two iPhone 6 handsets for 2014, yet in a more surprising move the same article claims that Taiwan-based manufacturer Pegatron could be responsible for assembling as many as half of Apple’s new smartphones.

The news comes from The Liberty Times, and first reached us from AFP. As a reminder, Pegatron is presently responsible for assembling Apple’s less expensive iPhone 5c handset and its iPad mini tablets; Foxconn, on the other hand, manufactures the iPhone 5s. The Liberty Times notes that Apple’s reliance on Pegatron is set to grow in 2014, and in anticipation of a major iPhone 6 deal the manufacturer is planning a new plant in Kunshan, China.

Citing an unidentified source, The Liberty Times added that the Kunshan plant is scheduled to become operational in the middle of the year, and will begin mass producing products in late 2014.

Apple is expected to maintain its release schedule for the iPhone, launching the iPhone 6 handsets in September or October 2014. Though the source didn’t specify, it’s expected that the other half of iPhone 6 orders will go to Foxconn.

AFP explains:

A company official told AFP the new plant at Kunshan was intended to meet demand for the next two to three years, but did not elaborate.

The report came amid growing speculation that Apple may offer a smartphone with a bigger screen compared to the four-inch screen of existing models.

But what can we expect from Apple’s iPhone 6? Well, recent rumors and analysis have pointed to a number of possibilities, though we’ll know nothing for sure until Apple makes its announcement later this year.

One report anticipates an eight megapixel camera module for the iPhone 6, while a lot of folks expect Apple to release an iPhone Air and an iPhone 6c. Curved touch display research could also be incorporated within the handset, and this display could even be equipped with sapphire glass.

The specifics aside, almost all of the reports we’ve seen expect Apple to increase the size of its iPhones with the eighth-generation model; a 4.7-inch handset and a 5.7-inch handset have previously been said to be in the cards.

We’ll keep you updated with further information as we receive it.

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