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Cydia Tweak: ProWidgets Promises To Take iOS Multitasking To The Next Level

Cydia Tweak: ProWidgets Promises To Take iOS Multitasking To The Next Level

March 12, 2014

ProWidgets is an in-development jailbreak tweak that can radically improve how iOS multitasking works. Through enabling multitasking widgets for a select number of applications, users of the jailbreak tweak can run multiple apps at the same time on the same screen using an iPhone or, more preferably, an iPad.

Previewed by iDownloadBlog, ProWidgets ships with support for a number of stock iOS apps, including Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Messages, Mail, Safari, and the Clock app; it also features support for Google Authenticator and Spotify. Once available, it'll be possible for developers to create their own widgets using JavaScript or Objective-C, and a widget store is also rumored to launch, too.

The publication explains that after downloading and installing the package, “users can move, minimize, maximize, and open multiple widgets on screen at once. You can then interact with each widget, and each contains its own personality and feature-set.”

You can activate widgets using an Activator action or Control Center, and this allows users to enable iOS app widgets from anywhere in the iOS. As such, the package promises to make quick interaction with applications – like adding a line of text to the Notes app, or an item to the Reminders app – much easier.

In its preview article, iDownloadBlog adds:

There are so many features, subtleties and nuances involved with this tweak, that I could go on for the next few hundred words talking about them all. The bottom line is that ProWidgets looks to be a runaway jailbreak hit for 2014, and I’m wholeheartedly convinced that after it debuts, it will be remembered as one of the best jailbreak releases to ever hit Cydia, hands-down.

There's no release date for ProWidgets as of this writing, but we'll be sure to keep you updated with further information concerning the package as we receive it.

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