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Star Horizon Is Set To Launch Tomorrow, Here's A Hands-On Video

Star Horizon Is Set To Launch Tomorrow, Here's A Hands-On Video

March 19, 2014

Star Horizon is set to dock in the great space port that is the App Store tomorrow, March 20. Now, however, a new video has surfaced online showing off the anticipated application’s gameplay in greater depth.

We first told you about the “on-rails” shooter earlier this month, when a trailer for Star Horizon surfaced online. In case you missed our original article, we explained:

From what we understand, the app is an “on-rails” shooter featuring outstanding graphics, impressive lightning, and intense action. It seems the game’s backstory is based on the classic humanity vs. artificial intelligence (AI) premise, but according to the game’s developer, human-friendly AI features in the app and helps the main character with his mission.

The game uses the Unity Engine in order to help power its impressive graphics, but what we weren’t sure of was how the app’s gameplay would work. In the below video, though, developer Tabasco Interactive has shown off how Star Horizon is set to run on iOS.

As you can see, there are three virtual buttons on the left-hand side of the screen for weapons (there seems to be a standard laser cannon, and two more powerful weapons which require a brief recharge after use), and gamers can navigate their ship around the screen as they move throughout each level.

It’s an on-rails shooter, so you can can’t choose the direction your ship is travelling in, but this navigation mechanism does allow Star Horizon users to dodge incoming fire. You can perform a barrel roll, too, by swiping either to the left or right.

Star Horizon will also be compatible with MFi (Made for iPhone) gamepads, and the trailer shows the app running alongside a MOGA Ace Power.

Here’s the video, see what you think:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

As mentioned, Star Horizon is set to launch on the App Store tomorrow, and once available you’ll be able to download it for $3.99.

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