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Pebble Returns To The App Store, Brings New Sharing Options And More Watchapps

Pebble Returns To The App Store, Brings New Sharing Options And More Watchapps

April 3, 2014

The Pebble team has brought its companion Pebble iOS app back to the App Store following the discovery of a major bug in the free application. Now, Pebblers can rest assured that the Pebble app is bug-free and safe to download – plus, new sharing options and additional watchapps have also been added in the update.

As a reminder, Pebble users ran into trouble earlier this week when it was discovered that an update to the Pebble app broke the smart watch. Users found that following the update it was no longer possible to connect Pebble to an iPhone via Bluetooth, turning the smart watch into … well, just a watch.

Fortunately, this has been fixed in an update that reached the App Store late yesterday. Pebble 2.1.1 can be downloaded now free of charge, and besides correcting the aforementioned problem, a couple of new features have been added to the application.

First, more watchapps are now available to download from Pebble’s dedicated appstore. This launched for the smart watch back in February, and provides developers and consumers with a dedicated space to distribute and download applications created for Pebble.

In addition to this, if you’ve found a Pebble watchapp you like it’s now possible to share it with friends via Twitter, Facebook, SMS, iMessage, or email. Over in the app’s release notes, the Pebble team provided a recap of the changes made in the updated application:

  • Share apps with friends via email, Twitter, Facebook, and text message.
  • New apps added to the appstore.
  • Fixed issues with version 2.1 (released 31-Mar–2014)
  • Bug fixes.

You can download the updated Pebble app free of charge on the App Store now. For a closer look at the product, check out our article, “My First Month With The Pebble Smart Watch.”

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