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Bardbarian Goes Free-To-Play, Gets New Units From Other Popular Games

Bardbarian Goes Free-To-Play, Gets New Units From Other Popular Games

May 9, 2014

Bardbarian, the popular iOS game that offers players a genre mash-up of arcade, strategy, tower defense, and more, can now be downloaded and enjoyed free for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Plus, a slew of new units from some of our favorite games have also made an appearance in Bardbarian 1.4.

This change might prove annoying for those who purchased the $0.99 Bardbarian back when it first launched on the App Store, but the situation isn’t all that bad: no mobile ads or in-app purchases (IAPs) will appear in the game if you purchased it, and instead, you’ll be given Bardbarian’s “Golden Axe” for free (this usually retails for $2.99).

If you didn’t purchase Bardbarian for $0.99, the game can indeed be downloaded free of charge. But parents, watch out – IAPs are now the application’s primary mode of monetization.

Bardbarian’s switchover to the free-to-play model isn’t the only change made in version 1.4 of the app. In fact, three brand new units from a handful of popular games have made an appearance, too. The new units are:

  • Octodad
  • Shellrazer
  • Meetboy / Binding of Isaac

These were previously exclusive to the Steam version of Bardbarian, however iOS gamers can now unlock each one on their iOS device.

As we explained back in January, Bardbarian is a fun, musical iOS game that puts players in charge of an axe – an axe guitar, that is:

In Bardbarian, you play as Brad, a barbarian mercenary who fights with powerful riffs instead of traditional weapons. Armed with your axe guitar, you must summon the right allies at the right time to trigger special attacks against the enemies who have come to invade your town.

You can pick up the recently updated Bardbarian free of charge on the App Store, and as before it’s optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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