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Beats Electronics' Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine To Take Senior Positions At Apple

Beats Electronics' Dr. Dre, Jimmy Iovine To Take Senior Positions At Apple

May 10, 2014

Following various reports and even a part-confirmation that Apple is set to acquire Beats Electronics, an article from The Wall Street Journal claims that both Dr. Dre and Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine are expected to take senior positions at Apple following the deal.

Both Dre and Iovine will remain in Los Angeles, where Beats Electronics is presently based, and should instead commute up to Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California when required. It could be that neither Dre of Iovine work for Apple full-time following the acquisition, but Iovine is expected to leave his role at Interscope Geffan A&M records.

The report explains:

While Mr. Iovine’s rock-star temperament could still ruffle some feathers in tech-centric Cupertino, it may help Apple broker deals in the music industry and appeal to the younger consumers who gravitate to Beats headphones.

We previously heard that Iovine could join Apple as a “special advisor” and that Cupertino was considering purchasing Beats Electronics for $3.2 billion.

In an update to one of our original articles, we also noted that Dr. Dre appeared to confirm the acquisition in a Facebook video that subsequently got pulled from the social network; as of this writing, Apple hasn’t formally announced the deal. We explained:

For the huge sum, Apple would be getting a company well known for its popular line of headphones. Even though the brand isn’t taken seriously by audiophiles, Dr. Dre’s involvement has made Beats headphones a staple of music fans.

However, the successful Beats Music would also be included with the acquisition, and this could be integrated with Apple’s planned overhaul of iTunes and its recently launched iTunes Radio service.

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Via: MacRumors

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