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How To Install Control Center On Your Mac Computer

How To Install Control Center On Your Mac Computer

May 7, 2014

Control Center for Mac is a new application that offers a useful, iOS 7-inspired Control Center interface for OS X-powered machines. You can download the new software free of charge, and a license will set you back $10.

This isn’t the first OS X Control Center application we’ve told you about. Controls+ is a similar app which launched back in October, however in terms of both design and functionality the new Control Center for Mac appears to offer users a better experience.

First and foremost, the app looks a lot like the iOS version of Control Center. It uses the same blurred out background, similar icons, and similar siders. It also displays currently playing music using a near-identical interface which sees album artwork situated alongside dedicated music controls, and this interface usefully works with both iTunes and Spotify. However, as well as offering an impressive design, Control Center for Mac is also full to the brim with a selection of clever features.

These include:

  • iTunes/Spotify controller
  • Realtime CPU/RAM and network monitor
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Sleep disabler
  • Startup disk
  • Audio/Brightness
  • World Clock
  • Alarm Clock
  • Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Tweaks for controlling Finder, System and Services
  • Simple note/task manager

The app is in its early days and not everything works as advertised (the only fault I’ve found so far is that Bluetooth devices don’t seem to be showing in Control Center on my Mac), however the experience is nevertheless a good one.

Users can choose to activate Control Center for Mac using either a keyboard shortcut or a gesture; while keyboard shortcuts are fully customizable, the current version of the app doesn’t allow users to set their own gesture for activating Control Center (though this is coming in a future update). There are also options to alter Control Center’s location on-screen, its slider functionality, and its appearance; all can be configured from inside a dedicated menu bar item.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a Control Center experience for your Mac computer, Control Center for Mac looks to be an impressive app that’s definitely worth considering.

As mentioned, the app can be downloaded free of charge and a license may be purchased for $10. We’ve included a gallery of screenshots taken from within the application below.

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