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Lure And Cure Myriad Mythical Monsters In Here Be Monsters HD For iPad

Lure And Cure Myriad Mythical Monsters In Here Be Monsters HD For iPad

June 6, 2014

Already a huge hit on Facebook, Here Be Monsters has just been released on iOS, specifically for iPad, to put more players in thrall to its monstrous delights.

Developed by Gamesys, Here Be Monsters is a massively multiplayer online adventure game that lets you capture and nurture various monsters drawn from the legends of different cultures around the world.

As a recruit of the Ministry of Monsters, you must travel to different countries in search of local resources that you can use to craft contraptions for luring and curing corrupted creatures from mythology.

Here Be Monsters includes the following features:

  • Epic Adventure - be the hero in an unfolding story with new content added regularly
  • Explore the World - from the jungles of Brazil to the tundras of Norway, the entire world is waiting to be explored
  • Catch Monsters - capture dozens of mythical monsters from countries all over the world. From the famous Loch Ness Monster of Scotland to the mysterious Bunyips of Australia
  • Build and Craft - Build ingenious traps and craft irresistible baits. Over 500 recipes to be mastered
  • Complete your Almanac - Discover new species on your travels including exotic butterflies, fish, wildflowers, gems and fruits - all based on real life
  • Create your Homestead - build your home anywhere in the world. Grow crops, raise animals, upgrade buildings. Decorate with souvenirs from your travels
  • Play with your Friends - play online with your friends or make new friends around the world
  • Stunning Graphics - over 3000 hand-drawn items bring the world to life

Compatible with iPad running iOS 6.0 or later, Here Be Monsters HD is available now in the App Store for free.

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