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Apple is reportedly ready to cut ties with long-time ad partner TBWA

Apple is reportedly ready to cut ties with long-time ad partner TBWA

July 14, 2014
A new report from the New York Post says that Apple is ready to completely cut ties with long-time ad partner TBWA and go in a new direction. And Apple may look to its newly acquired Beats Electronics, and the pictured Jimmy Iovine, to bring new life to its marketing efforts:
The fashionable Beats brand, which Apple acquired for $3 billion, outmaneuvered official World Cup sponsor Sony with its “Game Before the Game” ad campaign. So many soccer stars sported Beats that Sony had them banned from the arena. “Apple bought Beats for a lot of reasons,” said one new business executive at a top agency. “They think they’re marketing geniuses. It is safe to assume Beats would be part of an assessment of all [Apple] partners.”
Here's the complete "Game Before the Game" ad from Beats. Click here if you can't see it. Apple has been making a slow, but steady, shift away from its more than 30-year partnership with TBWA. The company recently began to create its own television ads and is hoping to create an in-house ad team with more than 1,000 employees. Interestingly, a recent Bloomberg report said that those in-house produced ads like “Parenthood” and “Powerful” aren't doing as well with audiences compared to recent TBWA-produced commercials. For other recent news, see: Meet Apple’s Eddy Cue and take home a MacBook Air if you win this charity auction, Apple 'iWatch' sales could top 60 million units during the first year, and Production issues with 'iPhone 6' might push Apple to launch 5.5-inch model in 2015.

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