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Ryan Seacrest's BlackBerry-like Typo iPhone keyboard case goes for a take-two

Ryan Seacrest's BlackBerry-like Typo iPhone keyboard case goes for a take-two

August 1, 2014
Typo, the iPhone keyboard case backed by the popular radio and TV personality Ryan Seacrest, is back. Unveiled in December last year, Typo is a Bluetooth-connected device that attaches a full tactile keyboard onto the bottom of an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 5s and helps users type faster with fewer typos. Not long after its introduction, Typo caught the attention of BlackBerry on account of its keyboard design, which bore great resemblance to that of the smartphone maker. Consequently, BlackBerry sued the startup behind Typo over its "blatant infringement against BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard" and a court ruling eventually halted its sale. But the snap-on accessory has made its comeback in the form of Typo 2. Unsurprisingly, Typo 2 comes with a keyboard that looks less like BlackBerry's trademark design than its predecessor did. Functionally, it offers the following features:
  • Typo Smart Typing: Auto Cap, "." and 's words all enabled.
  • Full Backlit Keyboard: Perfect for low light or no light environments.
  • Reclaim your Screen: Touch keyboard brings back 1/3 more viewable screen space.
  • Lock Key: No more unwanted in-pocket dialing or typing.
  • Battery Indicator: See your Typo battery life at any time.
  • Quick Currency Key Access: Easily toggle between currencies with one key.
Typo 2 doesn't begin shipping until mid-September. But it's available to preorder now for $99. Will you be getting Typo 2 for your iPhone?

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