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Apple is now labeling 'Free' apps in the App Store with a new 'Get' button

Apple is now labeling 'Free' apps in the App Store with a new 'Get' button

November 19, 2014

Apple has just made a substantial change to how free apps are labeled in the App Store. Instead of the usual “Free” button, customers are now greeted with a “Get” icon for those titles.

The new wording is already appearing on iOS devices, and will probably be updated soon on the desktop version. All paid apps are still listed with their cost.


The new Get label.

It’s unknown why Apple made the wording change, but it more than likely has to do with sometime controversial in-app purchases.

Back in 2013, Apple settled a class-action lawsuit regarding IAPs. The settlement covered more than 23 million iTunes account holders. For each person who claimed that a minor made an in-app purchase without their permission, Apple offered a $5 iTunes Store credit.

Along with adding a label to apps that offer IAPs, Apple began to warn users about in-app purchases starting with iOS 7.1.

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