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Apple ejects Nintendo emulator Floppy Cloud out of the App Store

Apple ejects Nintendo emulator Floppy Cloud out of the App Store

December 24, 2014

As expected, the emulator-in-disguise Floppy Cloud has been pulled from the App Store.

Apple cracked down on Floppy Cloud apparently after getting wind of the $1.99 app’s hidden emulator functionality from the press.

As discovered by Touch Arcade, Floppy Cloud was a file management app that brought up an emulator, complete with MFi controller support, when a .nes NES ROM or a .smc Super Nintendo ROM file is “managed.”

But now, nearly seven weeks after its release, Floppy Cloud has been removed from the supposedly emulator-free App Store.

Floppy Cloud is just the latest hidden-emulator app to enter and ultimately be ejected from the App Store, joining the likes of Nescaline, iMAME, MyStache, and Gridlee.

Fortunately, if you were able to download Floppy Cloud when it was still available, you can continue playing your favorite NES and Super Nintendo games on your iOS device without having to resort to jailbreaking.

RIP Floppy Cloud. We hardly knew ye.

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