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The new ExoLens system for the iPhone 6 takes photography to the next level

The new ExoLens system for the iPhone 6 takes photography to the next level

February 24, 2015

It’s a great time to be an iPhone photographer. Another new product, the ExoLens, has just hit the market designed to help users capture professional-level images and videos.

The system includes both a 3x telephoto and a 165-degree wide-angle lens. Both can be swapped quickly and easily from the aluminum mounting bracket that attaches to your iPhone 6.

Photographers can use the lenses with any existing video or photo app. The telephoto lens also allows the iPhone 6 to properly auto-adjust the exposure to help make the subject to appear bright and colorful.

As a nice touch, the bracket contains a standard tripod mount to attach items like a tripod, selfie sticks, stabilizers, and more.

The ExoLens for the iPhone 6 retails for $129.95 and can be purchased now from Apple’s online store.

And iPhone 6 Plus owners are in luck as well. The ExoLens system for the larger handset is scheduled to hit the market in May. No price was announced, though.

While I’ve previously used and really enjoyed the similar Olloclip system for my iPhone, the ExoLens does look like another great choice. Adding a standard tripod mount to the system really opens up a number of fun possibilities. We’ll hopefully be able to try the system out for a full review soon.

Just to note, the ExoLens doesn’t look to be compatible with any cases, so you will have to carry an unprotected iPhone while shooting photos.

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