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Ahead of a possible refresh at WWDC, Apple TV shipping times slip to 1 to 2 weeks

Ahead of a possible refresh at WWDC, Apple TV shipping times slip to 1 to 2 weeks

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April 30, 2015

With Apple rumored to be unveiling the next-generation Apple TV at WWDC in early June, shipping times for the current device have slipped to one to two weeks at Apple’s online store.

At least in my local area, Apple Stores seem to have the current-generation device in stock, which was discounted to $69 back in June. But the change online is definitely interesting.

Back in March, a report indicated that the new box will be a significant upgrade compared to the third-generation device, which hit the market in 2012. Along with an A8 chip, the box could feature Siri voice control, increased storage, and true App Store support. Even so, the device wouldn’t support 4K streaming, which isn’t a huge surprise.

Along with the new hardware, a separate report last month said that Apple is planning to launch a 25-channel streaming TV bundle this fall. Costing between $30 to $40 per month, the service would feature top broadcasters like ABC, CBS, Fox and other popular channels like ESPN and FX.

During Apple’s quarterly earnings conference call on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he sees “major, major changes in media,” coming on the horizon. He also said Apple will be part of those changes.

The WWDC conference will kick off on Monday, June 8 in San Francisco with Apple’s traditional keynote. It should definitely be interesting.

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