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Google snaps up iOS calendar and task management app Timeful

Google snaps up iOS calendar and task management app Timeful

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May 4, 2015

Google just recently announced that it has acquired the team behind the Timeful time management app for the iPhone. No purchase price was disclosed.

In a Google blog post, the company said that Timeful’s technology will be integrated into a number of Google products like Inbox, Calendar, and others.

Originally arriving last summer, the app was billed as a “time assistant” by combining calendar and task management functions. With its learning algorithms, the app is designed to become more smart and efficient over time by learning your responses and behavior. You can read more about how Timeful works in our original review.

You can download Timeful, designed for the iPhone/iPod touch, from the App Store now for free. According to the company, the app will continue to be available to download and will work just fine. But “moving forward the team’s attention will be on new projects at Google.”

If desired, you can export your data out of the app as well. More instructions on how to do that can be found on the app’s site.

I’m interested to see how Google will use Timeful’s technology to improve its fleet of iOS apps. There are a number of interesting possibilities, especially with the fantastic Google Calendar app that arrive back in March.

And calendar apps seem to be a popular acquisition target lately. In February, Microsoft scooped up the popular Sunrise Calendar app.

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