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Pilot a plane using gyroscope controls in PixWing

Pilot a plane using gyroscope controls in PixWing

Pocket Gaming
June 16, 2015

PixWing, an incoming iOS game that’s aiming for a June or July release, is a fun flying game that encourages gamers to really get involved with the piloting of a pixelated, virtual aircraft.

This is because PixWing, which is being developed by a bunch of developers from 11 bit Studios, uses the iPhone’s gyroscope controls as the main control mechanic for the app itself. Of course, this means iOS device owners will need to lean into turns, tilts, and nose dives in order to get their plane moving through hoop after hoop.

Though there’s an option to switch off gyro-controls, this is the main hook for the app. TouchArcade explains that it even displays a list of calories burned by users as they play the game, and as such switching this control mechnic off would result in a less formed version of the application. As you can see in the below gameplay video, iOS device owners will need to move their iPhone in every direction in order to fly through as many hoops as possible.

Take a look:

If you can’t see the above video, please click this link.

TouchArcade adds that the developer behind PixWing, RymPow Team, is indeed made up of moonlighting devs from 11 bit Studios – the company behind a number of impressive iOS titles, including Spacecom and Anomaly Defenders.

For now, RymPow Team is aiming to release PixWing onto the App Store either this month or next, and as such we don’t have long to wait until the application flies onto our iOS devices.

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