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Say cheese: The Apple Watch 2 could sport a FaceTime camera

Say cheese: The Apple Watch 2 could sport a FaceTime camera

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June 18, 2015

Just as the Apple Watch is finally available to pick up at many of the company’s retail stores, we’re hearing about improvements Apple could be making to the second-generation device.

According to a new report from 9to5Mac, the Apple Watch 2 should arrive sometime next year. And a standout new feature could be a FaceTime video camera integrated into the top bezel of the device. That would allow users to place and receive video calls directly from their wrists.

The new device should also depend less on a connected iPhone to accomplish a number of tasks.

Apple isn’t making any plans to significantly improve the new watch’s battery life, instead focusing on new features.

Interestingly, Apple is also exploring watch models that will sit in between the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition price points. The most expensive stainless steel variety costs $1,099 while the gold Edition starts at $10,000.

Until then, current watch owners can be looking forward to WatchOS 2, which was officially announced last week at WWDC. Arriving to the public sometime this fall, it will allow developers to produce native apps that work only on the watch and a number of other improvements.

I’m not really all that surprised by these rumored improvements for the next-generation Apple Watch. Just like the iPhone and iPad, Apple is focusing on adding useful new features to each generation of the watch.

As for me, I’m still extremely happy with my watch purchase. But I am interested to see what else Apple can come up with for the second-generation device and if it will be enough for me and millions of others to upgrade.

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