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AT&T flips on the Wi-Fi Calling switch for some iOS 9 beta 5 users

AT&T flips on the Wi-Fi Calling switch for some iOS 9 beta 5 users

August 11, 2015

Originally arriving  with iOS 9 beta 5, AT&T has activated Wi-Fi Calling for some users. It was first reported by 9to5Mac.

Anyone running the latest beta on the AT&T network can head to the Phone section of the Settings menu and enable the Wi-Fi Calling toggle switch to get the ball rolling.


The toggle switch for the Wi-Fi Calling feature in iOS 9.

The feature has only been activated for certain areas, so you may still get some type of error message. It will probably be added to other areas soon.

As the name suggests, when you’re in an area with a weak or non-existent cell connection, you’ll be able to make and receive regular phone calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

Currently, besides AT&T, both T-Mobile and Sprint support the feature. Verizon is set to support the functionality sometime this year as well.

Apple is expected to officially unveil iOS 9 to the public early this fall. Some of the other new features include a smarter Siri, a dedicated News app, and advanced multitasking features for the iPad and iPad mini.

Our own Jeff Byrnes recently shared some of his thoughts about the newest iOS 9 beta version, and I definitely agree with his feelings. While it’s not a going to be a major jump like iOS 7, or even iOS 8, it definitely adds a great layer of polish to the mobile OS. Hopefully Verizon will jump on the Wi-Fi calling bandwagon as well. I would definitely love to take advantage of the feature in a number of locations.

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