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Memo points to September parts shipments for 12.9-inch iPad

Memo points to September parts shipments for 12.9-inch iPad

August 31, 2015

An investor memo from J.P. Morgan points to parts shipments for the 12.9-inch iPad to begin in September, according to AppleInsider. This would coincide with earlier supply chain leaks about a September production start date for the device.

Rumored to be called the “iPad Pro,” we’ve been hearing and reporting on rumors about this device for quite a while now, and more details are starting to emerge.

The analysts from J.P. Morgan have reaffirmed claims that the new iPad Pro will use an improved touch panel design, dubbed Glass-Film-Film (GFF). GFF, compared with the Glass-Film (GF) panels currently found on the iPad Air and iPad mini, allows for greater touch accuracy and performance. These are crucial prerequisites for the Apple-built stylus that rumors say will be an optional accessory for the iPad Pro.

Further details from the memo include the news that suppliers of the GFF panels include Nitto Denko, Sharp, and GIS.

The iPad Pro is expected to be announced at an October media event with the product release anticipated for November. It’s said to run iOS 9.1, include an expanded keyboard, and have an increased screen resolution of 2048 by 2732 pixels.

If the rumors are right, I like the direction Apple is taking with the iPad Pro. There are plenty of times when I want to use my iPad with a stylus, and having the device better designed to work with the accessory is good news.

Signing documents with my finger always feels awkward, but many times a stylus will be just a tad offset from where the line is actually drawn, making the experience feel much less like pen and paper. Increased touch accuracy and performance would improve this experience dramatically.

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