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A new Apple patent reveals a watch band that doubles as a case and stand

A new Apple patent reveals a watch band that doubles as a case and stand

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January 14, 2016

Your next Apple Watch band might double as a stand and case for the wearable device. A new published patent, first reported on by AppleInsider, details the interesting new band. It was originally filed in August 2015 and Erik G. de Jong is listed as the inventor.


A look at the proposed wristband.

The information in the “Magentic wristband” filing describes a band similar to the current closed-style Leather Loop and Milanese Loop with a convertible design. Here’s more from the original report:

The proposed band is comprised of two separate straps made from malleable material into which a series of magnets are embedded in alternating or varying patterns of polarity. For example, one strap might include multiple magnets running its length, aligned in a repeating north, north, south, north, north (N, N, S, N, N) pattern, while the second strap’s magnet layout is an inverse of that combination. When brought in close proximity, the magnets attract in a vertical stack configuration.

In addition to serving as a wristwatch band, Apple’s strap is flexible enough to bend in an opposite direction when not in use, wrapping the watch and protecting its face and body. As designed, the band would coil up around the Apple Watch case and link together with the same magnetic forces used to secure it when in strap form.

Sticking around

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 1.52.44 PM

The band could also stick to other magnetic surfaces like a refrigerator or computer.

Apple also describes other designs where the magnetic straps could be used to attach a watch to other surfaces like a refrigerator or computer.

Just to note, just because Apple files a patent, that doesn’t mean the described watch band will ever be produced. But it is definitely interesting to see how Apple is thinking about making the accessory a lot more useful.

Even after the first-generation watch was introduced last April, Apple has continued to introduce a number of new accessories for the watch – including different band colors and a magnetic charging dock.

The “Apple Watch 2” is widely expected to be unveiled in March and hit the market sometime soon after. The device is expected to be thinner, offer better battery life, and sport other improvements.

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