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CES 2016: A roundup of new Apple HomeKit-enabled accessories

CES 2016: A roundup of new Apple HomeKit-enabled accessories

Connected Home
January 7, 2016

The future is looking bright for Apple’s HomeKit. At CES 2016 in Las Vegas, a substantial number of new devices have been announced that are compatible with the smart home protocol.

A quick reminder about exactly what HomeKit does. The Apple-designed protocol was designed to make it easier for users to interact with products in the growing smart home market. The biggest advantage, for now, is the ability to control and check the status of different devices by simply asking Siri.

We’ve previously taken a look at the second-generation Honeywell Lyric thermostat and four new products from iDevices. But here’s a roundup of other newly announced HomeKit devices.


The company is no stranger to HomeKit, introducing the iHome iSP5 smart outlet last year. The pictured iSP8 is a sequel to that great product. Along with being able to control small appliances, the outlet can monitor power consumption and even works with an included remote control. It will retail for $49.99.



Siri, is it getting hot in here? Even the humble ceiling fan is getting a dose of smart technology. Hunter’s Symphony and Signal are both Wi-Fi enabled and can be controlled via an Apple device. The pictured Signal will retail for $379 while the white Symphony is $50 less. Both will arrive sometime in the spring.



The company’s first HomeKit-enabled product, the Premis lock features a capacitive touchscreen and white LED display. No wiring is required, and it should be easy for pretty much anyone to install. Along with locking and unlocking the door via Siri or the companion app, it can store up to 30 unique user codes.

It will arrive sometime this year. No retail price was announced.

First Alert


After unveiling the pictured HomeKit-enabled smoke and CO detector in late 2015, First Alert took time at CES to announce three other products that can be controlled with an Apple device.

The Onelink by First Alert Wi-Fi Environment Monitor can detect high and low levels of CO in your home along with temperature and humidity levels. A multicolor LED can offer a quick status update on the room’s conditions.

Along with Siri control, the Onelink by First Alert Wi-Fi Safe can be locked or unlocked with the companion app. Operated with battery power, it can detect motion and will alert you if any unauthorized person attempts to move or open it.

Finally, the Onelink by First Alert Wi-Fi Thermostat allows users to control their heating and air conditioning systems.

No pricing information was announced. All three are expected to arrive sometime this year.

Grid Connect


Grid Connect is adding two new products to its HomeKit lineup after introducing the SmartOutlet late last year.

The ConnectSense Smart Water Sensor can be used to detect a water leak in places like a basement or laundry room.

The pictured ConnectSense Temperature & Humidity Sensor can report on a room’s temperature and humidity levels.

Each sensor will be available the first half of the year. No pricing was announced.

For other news from the CES, see: Braven takes the backup battery to a new level with the BRV-BANK PRO LE, Misfit’s new Specter headphones pack activity and sleep tracking technology, and Speck jumps into virtual reality with the Pocket VR with CandyShell Grip for the iPhone 6s/6.

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