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The upcoming HomeKit-compatible Array lock is powered by solar energy

The upcoming HomeKit-compatible Array lock is powered by solar energy

January 20, 2016

You won’t need to worry about power when using a newly announced device compatible with Apple’s HomeKit smart home protocol.

Hampton Products International has unveiled the Brink’s Home Security Array smart lock. Easily the most interesting part of the device is its power source. Instead of using standard replaceable batteries, the device features a solar panel that captures light energy from both indoor and outdoor sources. That energy is then stored in the lock’s battery. The solar panel is designed to be up to twice as efficient as other panels and can even extract energy in low levels of ambient light.

The lock can be controlled with a built-in touchpad, a key, or using the companion app. Along with HomeKit, it will also be compatible with Nest’s thermostat and other smart home platforms.

Just a quick reminder about exactly what HomeKit does. The Apple-designed protocol was designed to make it easier for users to interact with products in the growing smart home market. The biggest advantage, for now, is the ability to control and check the status of different devices by simply asking Siri on any iOS device or even the Apple Watch.

The lock will be available sometime later this year. Buyers can select from a number of finishes including nickel, bronze, and polished brass. Pricing information wasn’t announced.

Another lock option available now

If you’re not willing to wait for the Array, and don’t mind using a few standard batteries, there is currently another HomeKit-enabled lock on the market – the Schlage Sense.


The Schlage Sense is available in two different styles and three unique colors.

Hitting the market in November, the lock retails for $229 and can be purchased now from and a number of other retailers. You can select from two different styles in a variety of finishes including black, nickel, and bronze.

HomeKit-compatible devices first began arriving last summer. A number of new options were announced at CES earlier this month. Take a look at our complete roundup here.

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