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TV Sports Soccer offers endless goalscoring on iOS and Apple TV

TV Sports Soccer offers endless goalscoring on iOS and Apple TV

Pocket Gaming
January 30, 2016

What do you get when you take the basics of soccer — passing and scoring goals without having to deal with the troubles of team management — and combine them with the fast-paced pleasures of the endless running game genre? Well, you get something like TV Sports Soccer.

Infinite fields

Inspired by such classic arcade games as Kick Off, Sensible Soccer, and Speedball, TV Sports Soccer lets you play soccer, or at least a plain and simple variation thereof, with players and environments rendered in colorful voxels (you know, those 3-D pixels championed by the endless arcade hopper Crossy Road).

TV Sports Soccer iPhone

And with a tagline that exhorts you to “run, pass, shoot, repeat,” the game has you kicking the ball to pass it to your teammates, thwart the opposing team, and ultimately score goals … and then doing it all over again, field after field after field after field, ad infinitum.

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But to add a little variety to the proceedings, TV Sports Soccer lets you choose your team’s favorite colors and features indoor as well as outdoor football fields with a dynamic weather system thrown in for good measure.

The game also boasts an exciting soundtrack composed by Stafford Bawler, the same musical artist behind the sound design of the well-loved impossible puzzle game Monument Valley.

TV Sports Soccer iPad

Optimized for Apple TV

“TV” is part of the name of the game simply because TV Sports Soccer is designed for Apple TV as well as iPhone and iPad. So, whether you want to play on the small touchscreen of your iPhone or iPad, or on the big screen of your Apple TV with the set-top box’s touch remote, you can, with controls that are easy to pick up.

TV Sports Soccer Apple TV

TV Sports Soccer is available now for $2.99, with no in-app purchases. It’s a universal game, so you need only buy it once to play it on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV.

TV Sports Soccer is developed by Rantmedia, the same studio behind the acclaimed game console emulator Vectrex Regeneration.

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