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Scrubbing through video on Apple TV will change for the better with tvOS 9.2

Scrubbing through video on Apple TV will change for the better with tvOS 9.2

Apple's Software
February 23, 2016

Apple is making a notable and much needed change to the way users scrub through video using the Siri Remote in iOS 9.2.

The change was first reported by 9to5Mac and appeared in the fourth beta version of the software that was released to registered developers yesterday. It should officially arrive to the public sometime next month.

Simpler scrubbing

Currently, when playing any video, a swipe across the Siri Remote’s glass touch surface would quickly bring up a preview window. You would need to click the surface to jump forward or backward in the video. While it was a quick and easy way to navigate, many times users would activate the window by accident when simply picking up the remote.

But that has changed with the new software. You’ll now need to click the remote’s surface and then swipe across to scrub through the video. That should definitely cut down on any accidental interruptions.

Here’s a video from the site that shows how scrubbing has been improved. Click here if you can’t see it.


Since officially arriving in October, Apple has continued to make improvements to the overall Apple TV experience. In the tvOS App Store, Apple has added a number of top charts and new categories. Starting last week, developers can now add preview videos to their apps on the store.

The universal search and Siri support has also been improved with the recent addition of content from Fox, National Geographic, Watch ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Jr, and Disney XD.

And tvOS 9.2 also sports a number of other new features. Along with dictation support using Siri, the new software will bring Bluetooth keyboard support, true app folders, and more.

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